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Training for LDS Boy Scout Leaders


Guiding Resources

Boy Scouts of America Professional Staff

The Boy Scout Service Center’s staff is trained to assist volunteers succeed.

  • Roundtable, a monthly Leader’s Meeting for all adult volunteers in the district, is available. You can get help with camp craft skills, games, activities, and songs for use at Patrol Meetings. It’s a great place to ask questions and share ideas.
  • Troops should maintain a library that contains the Merit Badge and Resource books to enhance the Scouting activities.
  • The district has a team of volunteers called the District Committee, which develops quality district-wide programs in which boys can participate. The council newsletter and Web site contains information about the activities planned for Boy Scouts.
  • The Unit Commissioner is assigned to check on the health of the Pack and is a communication link between the Pack and the Scouting organization. A commissioner is assigned to assist the Unit. A member of the Stake may be assigned as the Unit Commissioner.
  • The district has fast-start training videos for Leaders and parents. All leaders should attend Scouting Essentials, Position Specific, Outdoor Training, and Scoutmaster Challenge.
  • Youth Protection Training is provided online, from a video, or in person. It teaches leaders about Child abuse protection and avoiding potentially dangerous situations.

There are two sources information: The new internet and good old fashion hard copy. This chapter summarizes these materials.

The following internet links give you just a snippet of the resources that are available to you as a scout leader. Each of the following sites contain innumerable links to a multitude of other sites. Enjoy!

Internet Resources

National Council
  • National Council
  • National BSA Legal
  • National Council Links Page
  • National Council Forms
Local Council
Church Scouting Links
  • LDS Scouting (Not Official Site)
  • LDS Scouting (Not Official Site
  • Official Church Site
  • Buffalo Grove Scouting Web Site
Venturing and Varsity
  • Central Region Venturing
  • National Venturing
  • Varsity
Advancement and Re-chartering
  • Troop master (Advancement Software)
  • Merit Badge Requirements
  • Advancement and Re-chartering
  • Local Instructions
High Adventure
  • Florida Sea Base
  • Master High Adventure Site Listing (Seldon’s List)
  • National Scout Camps and High Adventure Areas
  • Northern Tier (Ely Mfg High Adventure Base)
  • Philmont Guide
  • Philmont Scout Ranch
  • Official Scout Catalog
  • Lodge Mfg. (Home of those great Dutch Ovens)
  • Outdoor Equipment and Dehydrated Food
  • Gandermountain
  • Cabelas (clothing and sleeping bags)
  • Bass ProShops
Other Organizations
  • Alpha Phi Omega (College Scouting Fraternity)
  • National Eagle Scout Association (Life Time Organization for Eagle Scouts
  • National Scouting Museum
  • Scouter Help
  • Scouting Magazine
  • U.S. Scouting Service Project (Lot’s of Good Stuff)

Printed Materials

  • Church Handbook of Instructions Book 2 Section 2 Aaronic Priesthood
  • Scouting Handbook
Boy Scout Materials Important

  • Boy Scouts Requirements Book (Both Merit Badges and Advancements)
  • Scoutmaster Handbook
  • Boy Scout Handbook


  • Boy Scout Field Book (For the Outdoor Enthusiasts)
  • Patrol Leader Handbook
  • Boy Scout Troop Leadership Training Book
  • Boy Scout Troop Program Features, Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3
  • Vol Planning for the next 12 months Aquatics, Athletics, Backpacking, Boating/Canoeing, Business, Champing, Citizenship, Communications, Cooking, Cultural Awareness, Emergency Preparedness and Engineering.
  • Vol 2 Environment, First Aid, Fishing, Forestry, Health Care, High Adventure, Hiking, Hobbies, Leadership, Mechanic’s Nature, and Orienteering
  • Vol 3 Physical Fitness, Pioneering, Public Service, Safety, Science, Shooting, Special Cooking, Sports, Tracking, Wilderness Survival, Wildlife Management and Winter Camping.
  • Boy Scout Troop Program Resources, with CD. Goes along with the Scoutmaster Handbook. Contains resources, forms, and ideas for provide a dynamic program for the boys.
  • Troop/Team Record Book
  • Merit Badge Pamphlet
  • Troop Advancement Chart
  • The Scoutmaster Minute
  • Troop Committee Guide Book
  • Insignia Guide
Varsity Important

  • Boy Scout Varsity Training Syllabus
  • Varsity Scout Guidebook
  • Varsity Scout Program Features Pamphlet’s 1-3


  • Team Advancement Chart
  • Team Record Book
  • Merit Badge Pamphlet
  • The Scoutmaster Minute
  • Venturing Leader Manual (Most Important)
  • Here’s Venturing
  • Venturing Leadership Skills Ckourse. A guide to basic leadership skills
  • Commissioner Basic Training Manual
  • Commissioner Field Book for Unit Service
  • Commissioner Helps for Packs, Troops, Teams and Crews
  • Knots Essentials
  • Guide to Safe Scouting
  • Don’t Forget Duct Tape book

Boy Scout Magazines

Scouting Magazine

BSA magazine for Adult Leaders includes information to support adults in providing quality Boy Scout programs including the information specifically for Boy Scout Leaders. Scouting is the national family magazine for the adult leaders and committee members of the Boy Scouts of America. Example: February program feature: Public Service; Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle ranks; Citizenship in the Community, Emergency Preparedness MB. Check for back issues at

Boys’ Life Magazine

A magazine for boys and adults, Boys’ Life has interesting features on Scouting, sports, hobbies, magic, science, and U.S. history. There are also jokes, comics, and short stories. The annual cost of the magazine is the responsibility of the parent or Ward; it is an excellent magazine and worth the cost.

Boys’ Life supports the nationally suggested theme for each month. It gives boy readers ideas of things to do connected to the theme. Boys’ Life goes by mail to Scouts who subscribe. It includes Program crafts, skill ideas, general interest articles and stories, exciting regular features, cartoon pages. Each issue shows hints on activities related to seasonal merit badges and Scout crafts. Back issues of Boys’ Life can be viewed at TU

Human Resources: In every council and every district there are professional staff members whose job it is, to make your job easier. If you have a problem in Scouting, give them a call. They’ll either know the answer or know where to find it.
Other Links to Internet Resources not listed as LDS, but a good resources for program information. Note: Some of the Web sites may no longer be valid. LDS Web sites are starred. * * * * * * *

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